Harms Register

Updated June 7, 2024


The harms register below is at the core of the Saihub.info approach to safe and responsible AI using risk management techniques (see Harms page for further details). 


The meanings of the columns in the harms register are explained in the Legend tab of the register (click outside the register frame to see the tabs). Where an entry in the Harm column has a hyperlink, the link connects to a page on Saihub.info that considers the harm in detail. We are seeking contributors for additional harms pages.


We expect some of our harm/risk assessments and analysis to be controversial. In particular, it is difficult to assess the impact of harms that are just beginning to have effect, and we have attempted to address this in part via the column 'Rate of Increase in Impact (for 'Now' Harms)'.


Please get in touch if you have comments or suggested additions or changes to the harms register or harms pages.